Global Leading Company- Developing Drugs Derived from Natural Products for Chronic Wound Healing


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Introduction of ElcuBio

ElcuBio Co., Ltd. was established on February 2016, founded by DongyangBio Alpha, which was founded in 2012.

We are focused on the development of drugs for several skin diseases, including non-healing or chronic wounds such as Pressure Ulcers and Foot Ulcers.

ElcuBio Co., Ltd. will continue to grow as a global leading company within a short period of time.!!!!

ElcuBio Co., Ltd. will not stop satisfying the demands for healing chronic wounds and several kinds of skin diseases for clinicians and medical professionals, having the vision to improve the quality of life of people worldwide.

We will do our best, based on the motto “committed to the future of dermatology”, contributing to realizing a healthier life for everyone.

Our business is mainly focused on the technical transfer to becoming a global licensing organization after we finish the development of new drugs for chronic wound and skin diseases.
We are autonomously constructing pipelines and new drug-developing platforms to form competitive products over rival companies.
ElcurBio will do our utmost to provide excellent solutions for chronic wound and skin diseases.