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Research Institute

Research Institute

Introduction of Research Institute -1

Botanical drugs are natural remedies developed via herbal preparations and fractionations using herbal substances containing several compounds which have plentiful traditional experiences.

It is possible to present multiple mechanisms of natural remedies which contain potential bioactive compounds.

Botanical wound products have seen an era of remarkable growth in understanding the details of wound healing responses, safety, and efficacy.
It is expected to treat the hard-to-heal wounds and ischemic ulcers, which could not be treated by chemically modified (or chemically synthesized) drugs.

There is no appropriate approach for stage 3 pressure ulcers.
Conventional treatments of pressure ulcers used to date is limited in efficacy.

The use of botanical drugs for PU treatements based on traditional remedies (the prevention of PU) inhibit stage 3 PU or stage 4 PU to improve the healing effect of chronic wounds, as well as to reduce the financial burden of treatments.

We are investigating the scientific evidence of bioactive compounds which has long been used as traditional medicine for the treatment of wounds and pressure ulcers.

Introduction of Research Institute – 2

ElcuBio are autonomously constructing the purification, fractionation, and processing analysis system and evaluating single molecules from natural remedies for efficacy on targeted diseases.

We are evaluating the healing effect of fully purified and confirmed single compound in vitro and in vivo using animal models, which were established similarly to the target diseases. The major fields of research are the developmemt of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and foot ulcers, which further approach metabolic diseases, to see whether the treatment really works and if it is safe to test on humans.

Pipeline in progress (February 2017-present)